Office of Safety and Security

The Coordinator of School Safety and Security is responsible for managing the district's security programs and for providing direct support to school principals. The Coordinator works under the direct supervision of the Chief of Staff to address the safety needs of students and staff in all district schools and programs.

The Safety and Security Office serves as the intake for emergency communications and is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of fire drills, Code Red drills, severe weather drills and for the maintenance and function of the district's emergency radio system. In addition, the Security Office maintains records of drills, incident logs, staff/student injuries and court adjudication documents.

The Coordinator is responsible for the development of school safety plans and for the training of staff. Training topics include: incident management, gang awareness, school lockdowns, conflict resolution, physical management, and emergency communications.

The Coordinator is responsible for the hiring, training and supervision of 27 School Security Assistants assigned to 4 high schools and 5 middle schools.

Educational Resource Officers (ERO's) are also managed by the Coordinator. The ERO's are Madison Police Officers hired under contract with the district to provide educational and law enforcement services in the high schools. The Coordinator works with the school principals and police district commanders to provide guidance and support to the ERO's to define their role in the school environment. The ERO's provide direct support to their assigned schools and strive to maintain a balanced perspective to their work as educators and law enforcement officers.

One of the Coordinator's most critical responsibilities is to provide daily support and consultation to school principals. Questions related to security, safety or police protocols are jointly assessed and resolved in a problem solving approach. Often, consultation may involve the police, the appropriate grade level superintendent or legal counsel. The objective is to provide the best and most effective solutions to often very difficult legal or behavioral questions.

The Coordinator is responsible for coordinating law enforcement response to critical incidents in schools and for ensuring that the most appropriate resources are employed. By coordinating with the appropriate police supervisors and commanders, the district maintains an open line of communication and ensures that the district's viewpoints or needs are addressed in any police response to a school. Luis Yudice Phone: 608.663.1904 Fax: 608.204.0341